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4312-18 Munger Ave.   


munger head-on thin
1. 4318-munger-ave-dallas-tx-High-Res-5
4318 model unit 05
4318 model unit 11
4318 model unit 48
4318 model unit 09
4318 model unit 21
4318 model unit 12
munger aa
munger e
munger cc
4. LA
4318 model unit 18
4318 model unit 16
munger h
11. MaBath
4318 model unit 33
munger ee
munger ff
munger g_adj
4318 model unit 24


We developed this project in a very transitional (at the time) neighborhood, and sought to make a statement by bringing to market four units at once. The primary theme of the concept is openness, which is experienced right from when you enter the front gate.  The carport is open on two sides, creating an instant sense of space as you approach the front door.  The openness is carried throughout the first floor, with wide open spaces.  The exterior materials used balanced the natural warmth of cedar siding with the cleanliness of stucco.

About Munger 4312
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