9211 E. Lake Highlands Dr.    

Single Family


High design in a small space.  It's wonderful when a client inspires you, and on this project our client was a great visionary, with a clear sense of how much design she wanted to pack into a rather small (2,200sf) space. To execute the client's vision we collaborated with Modern Shed (Seattle, WA) to customize and integrate that company's pre-fab structures into an otherwise completely custom home. Although the home was built on a pier & beam foundation the client still wanted the look and feel of a concrete floor.  To achieve this we reinforced the wood sub-floor and worked with our concrete flooring vendor to deploy a commercial polymer based material that was poured over the sub-floor and then hand finished to mimic the look of a concrete slab. In the rear of the house we decided mid-project to create a steel bridge connecting the home to the higher elevation parking area, instead of doing a simpler staircase up to the parking. These, as well as many other small touches turned this home into a little architectural gem.


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