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We Know Modern.

Ikon Residential is a boutique residential development and construction company, focused primarily on urban "in-fill" projects in the Dallas, Texas area. We develop custom  homes for private clients, as well as speculative homes and townhomes. 


When we got started in 2004 it was with the ambition to focus primarily on modern design, and delivering well-built, well-designed homes at  reasonable prices, and to be part of the exciting growth in the urban core of Dallas. First and foremost we love good design. Clean lines, thoughtful use of space, blending of traditional themes with modernism, indoor/outdoor living, all are emblematic of the projects we do. 

Our roots are from Southern California, where we enjoyed the wide variety of optimistic and innovative design, the incorporation of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle, and the interesting ways in which these were executed across different topographies and sub-climate types.  We like to blend the best of that region's architecture with the unique needs of the urban Dallas area.  Our goal is to do our little part in reimagining the local urban landscape.  

The architect is our partner and we collaborate with them extensively to deliver the optimal solution (design and cost) for our clients. We can recommend architects to our custom clients, or will happily work with the architect of the cilent's choosing. T

Hello, I'm Steven Tortolani.

They say that when you love what you do it doesn't feel like work.  Growing up in the Northeast I marveled at innovative urban transformations in such historic cities as Boston, Providence and New York, where old spaces became used in new ways, where "old met new" in good ways (and sometimes in not-so-good ways).  Moving to Southern California for the next phase of my life I witnessed the revitalization of the moribund Los Angeles downtown, the creation of architecturally unique museums, neighborhoods and homes, and the overall optimism that if you can dream it you can build it.  From beach to mountains to desert, forward-thinking architects and builders created compelling spaces, sometimes grand and sometimes modest, but always special.  Moving to Dallas I had the vision of bringing those past experiences to the urban neighborhoods around me, with a desire to touch and transform them.  Ikon was born and I've been touching and transforming ever since.

I'm unlike the typical builder or developer, in that I came up through a business career, replete with an MBA and stints as marketing executive in various consumer-directed companies, bringing many products to market.  What does this mean to you?  It means that I approach every project with a client-centric mindset and a formality of process that ensures a communicative and smooth experience.

I'm in this for the long run, not just to hop into a hot market and make some quick money.  This is my passion.  My name and reputation are everything to me, and my clients and business partners can be assured that I'll do everything in my power to deliver excellence and stand behind it over time.  Transparency, integrity, and treating people fairly is what we all deserve, and are what I strive to deliver.

Steve T.

Meet the Founder
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