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Capitol Ave.    

Condos (10 units)

Head-on tilt shift
Exterior_street A_adj
Capital at Dusk
Capital at Dusk 2
Unit 1_angle_adj
091508 077
091508 033
091508 037
091508 029
Q308 082
Exterior_rear angle
Unit 3_door to yard
091508 040
Hall glass
Living Rm C
Unit 3_LR wide
Model_Unit3 6
Living Rm D
Unit 3_kitchen wide_adj
091508 042
Unit 3_kitchen1a
Unit 3_MBA
Master sinks
Patios 7
Patios 2


10-unit townhome project, designed to appeal to a more entry level buyer.  At the time of development this was a very transitional neighborhood, so the design objective was to offer value with a distinctive modern package.  A unique feature of this project was the hybrid carport/garages, with garage doors on the front but open wall in the rear.  This provided maximum flexibility to the owners, providing a valuable flex space for entertaining, connected directly to the rear yards, while still providing privacy and security for vehicles.  The site was chosen for its walking proximity to shops and restaurants.

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