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McKinney Ave.  

Condominiums (6 units)

McKinney AA
McKinney AB
McKinney AC
McKinney AD
McKinney AE
McKinney AF
McKinney AG
McKinney AGA
McKinney BB
McKinney BC
McKinney BD
McKinney BE
McKinney BF


6-unit townhome project, ranging in size from 3,200sf to 3,600sf per unit.  The design objective with this project was to differentiate it from other townhome projects consisting of standard rectangle shapes and minimal visual uniqueness. Instead, we tasked the architect with making each floor plan unique, achieved via an asymmetrical building shape, with floors pushing in and out to add visual interest.  Finishes were on the higher end, befitting the tastes of this neighborhood.  Each unit features a spacious rooftop deck.

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