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1815 Angelina Dr.    

Single Family

About Angelina


Angelina Dr. was a custom single family home, which at the time of construction was the largest home in the emerging West Dallas neighborhood near Trinity Groves.  Ikon Residential both designed and built the home, in an excellent collaboration with the client.  The client chose the site for its direct views to Downtown Dallas, across the Trinity River.  To maximize the views we located the main living area on the 2nd floor, with bedrooms on the 3rd floor, all with good visibility to Downtown via large windows.  A dumbwaiter serves all floors, including the rooftop deck which provides a 360 degree view of all of Dallas.  Unique features such as an overhead door in the living room (to maximize interaction with the outdoors) add to the home's unique design.  Future features included a pool to be located just off the 2nd level so that the Downtown view is maintained even while swimming.

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